Sunday, June 24, 2012


Currently, I'm 32 weeks pregnant. The time has flown by and there are so many things I want to get done before baby boy #2 shows up. I have not even gathered my thoughts for Grady's baby book. Nothing. Right now all I can think about is cleaning the house. I would really like to start painting the bedrooms. Since we are rearranging the boys' rooms. Which is also a little ridiculous that I'm even anxious about it because neither of them will be sleeping in their own room. Oh, did I mention our house is on the market till July 1st. So, I also have the wonderful task of keeping our house "show" ready for visitors. Its been really tough with a 17 month maniac running around the house. Did I mention that I love being a full time Mommy. Its the best job seeing my little man grow up. His new favorite phrase, "Ah Man", is the cutest. 

Any baby book suggestions or comments are welcome. I've searched the internet and cannot decide between creating it myself or buying something from Shutterfly. 

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  1. You are a saint! I just used Paper Coterie for a book for Gregg's Father's Day. I LOVED how it turned out. They always have sales on their products too... Let me know what advice you get on the baby book front. I can't decide how to handle E's either.